ARTfitzrovia's name is derived from the area of London it has always made its home. Fitzrovia has always been a centre of cultural activity having once been the home to George Orwell, Virgina Wolf and John Constable and now has over 30 art galleries.

The group built its foundations at the American Church Soup Kitchen with the support of art therapist Jorge and local artist Fiona. Fiona who had to move from the area after several decades (http://news.fitzrovia.org.uk/2012/07/17/fionas-fantastic-life/)
remains a strong supporter of the group.

In 2013 the group took a decisive decision to move to a new home. The current home of ARTfitzrovia once was home to Samuel Morse, American inventor and artist, the surroundings will hopefully continue to inspire the groups members into the future.